European Business Initiative on Taxation (EBIT)

EBIT is one of the most recognised business representative bodies on direct tax in Europe

About EBIT

Established in 2001, EBIT is a high-level but informal cross-industry working group of Senior Tax Executives of Europe-based MNEs and investment companies. EBIT aims to help streamline and modernize Europe’s direct tax policy, eliminate remaining tax barriers that hamper cross-border business activity in the EU Single Market, and deliver business messages based on real-life experiences and examples to achieve practical progress.

In addition, in the light of today’s rapidly and fundamentally changing world, EBIT aims to help MNEs and investors to navigate the modern Tax & ESG space, build trust in the tax system, and contribute to a sustainable economy.

The Tax policy landscape in Europe continued to change dramatically in 2022. To understand and manage today’s Tax uncertainty and the risks & opportunities of the modern (direct) Tax & ESG space, it is crucial for MNEs and investors to:

  • Closely monitor the latest trends & developments;
  • Have access to industry peers and to objective and reliable news sources and critical insights;
  • Understand the dynamics and various aspects (technical, political, regulatory and policy-related), their interconnectedness and interaction;
  • Engage and build trust with multiple stakeholders (internal and external);
  • Constantly adapt, train and develop.

Do you also want to help modernise European direct tax policy, and understand and manage today’s Tax & ESG space but don’t find the time? Then EBIT may be just what you were looking for!

Contact the EBIT Secretariat for more information.

EBIT Members

  • Airbus Group
  • BP
  • Carrier
  • Caterpillar
  • Diageo
  • GSK
  • Huawei
  • International Paper
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • JTI
  • PepsiCo
  • Pfizer
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Raytheon Technologies Corp.
  • RELX
  • Schroders
  • SHV Group

Benefits of joining

  • Daily EBIT email alert service on EU and OECD direct tax developments
  • Being part of a high-level business group for large corporate taxpayers from across industry sectors that collectively input to EU and OECD direct tax policy
  • Meetings with EU and OECD policy-makers
  • Flexible- time- and cost-efficient approach
  • Regular networking with business peers
  • Tax technical support provided by PwC acting as EBIT knowledge partner

EBIT position papers

EBIT has been an active contributor to the EU direct tax policy debate since 2001. Its approach combines in-depth technical dialogue with key experts at the European Commission and the OECD with a strategic campaign to raise awareness among politicians and policymakers of the key issues facing European-based businesses — and the need to preserve and enhance their competitiveness in the world.

Recent position papers

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Regular meetings

EBIT Spring Roundtable

EBIT Fall Roundtable (tbc)